WP Waveski Surfing Open


Lamberts Bay is located 250km North of Cape Town. This West Coast town represents the hard and baron face of the West Coast whilst it still preserves a rich and friendly culture. The coast leading up to Lamberts Bay is littered with some of best breaks the West Coast has to offer, including Elands Bay, Farmer Burgers, Garbage Dumps and many more.

The Western Province Open is the final opportunity to earn points towards earning the rights to the coveted SA National Circuit Crown. One can only describe the event as a moerse jol and one of those competitions not to be missed. It will be surfed at Yo-Yos in the town of Lamberts Bay. The wave is jacked over a reef onto a sand bottom and creates the most fantastic A-Frame imaginable. High scoring surfing can be done on lefts and rights providing surfers the ability to score to their preferences and strengths. The competition is also a social highlight of the year with many families joining in at the braai on Saturday night. This combined with Surf movies, tall, drink infused surf stories, music and dancing creates a memorable event not to be missed.

Community Project

Western Province Waveski moved their Opens away from Cape Town around 2005 when they visited Jongensfontein for the first time in about 20 years (Schalk van Wyk was the first winner). In 2012, they began alternating the WP Waveski Open with Lamberts Bay and Jongensfontein. 10 years later, the club are still at it. When Rory Taylor took over as Chairman in 2013, he was a member of Christian Surfers. Having previously worked with a group in Lamberts Bay, he introduced the concept of “Supporting Families” in the impoverished area of Lamberts Bay through the CS group there, by means of old surfboards, clothing, and non-perishables, etc. This year, with over 36 entries expected, we hope to give back to the Lamberts Bay community even more. Let’s achieve our goal of 100 kgs (10 kgs for every year of the last decade).