World Waveski Surfing Titles Entry List

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Open Men

World Waveski Surfing Men Champion: Cyril Samson (France)

No. Surname Name Country of Representation
1 Bason Darren Australia
2 Duncan Rees Australia
3 Huigsloot Bernard Australia
4 Kearns Darren Australia
5 Lancaster Graham Australia
6 McIntyre Darren Australia
7 Nascimento Francisco Australia
8 Randahl Dale Australia
9 Waldron Scott Australia
10 Ahumada Diego Chile
11 Belmar Felipe Chile
12 Fuenzalida Eugenio Chile
13 Arrouays Pablo France
14 Babarit Matthieu France
15 Colin Guilaume France
16 Djemili Fares France
17 Gaborit Maxime France
18 Guilbert Clément France
19 Humbert Virgile France
20 Iraundegui Florent France
21 Le Bars Nathan France
22 Le Bars Steeven France
23 Le Meil Noe France
24 Lucas Gerard France
25 Medina-Moral Martin France
26 Montfort Enzo France
27 Normant Yunes France
28 Perrier Eric France
29 Philipot Yann France
30 Samson Cyril France
31 Seguin Arthur France
32 Davies Kieron Great Britain – UK
33 Holmes Shaun Great Britain – UK
34 McQueen Jones Sam Great Britain – UK
35 Orsmand Michael Great Britain – Wales
36 Taylor Mark Ireland
37 Eckhoff Max New Zealand
38 Parry Justin New Zealand
39 Baretto Fernando Peru
40 Barreto Guillermo Peru
41 Legaspi Sebastian Peru
42 Kearns Darren Australia
43 Bartlet Craig South Africa
44 Bense Dylan South Africa
45 Botha Louis South Africa
46 Brand Eghardt South Africa
47 Bunker Darren South Africa
48 Burger Andre South Africa
49 Calitz Malan South Africa
50 DeVilliers Morne South Africa
51 Esterhuyse Dian South Africa
52 Esterhuyse Marcus South Africa
53 Ferreira Etienne South Africa
54 Griffith Ryan South Africa
55 Griffith Dave South Africa
56 Harrison John South Africa
57 Kendrick Grant South Africa
58 Keys Jethro South Africa
59 McHattie Stuart South Africa
60 Momberg Johann South Africa
61 O’Niel Eugene South Africa
62 Reinhardt Timothy South Africa
63 Schroeder Sheldon South Africa
64 Slabber Pierre South Africa
65 Steinhäuser Fritz South Africa
66 Steyn Francois South Africa
67 Taylor Rory South Africa
68 Van Antwerpen Storm South Africa
69 Van Wyk Schalk South Africa
70 Viaene Bruce South Africa
71 Wessels Michael South Africa
72 Whitfield Kevin South Africa
73 Williams Kai South Africa
74 Williams Trent South Africa
75 Etzeberria Odei Spain
76 Adams Roger USA
77 Bezard Victor USA
78 Diesle-Reynolds Stewart USA
79 Doezie Jon USA
80 Lyons Thomas (TJ) USA

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Open Women

World Waveski Surfing Women Champion: Lou Peter (France)

Surname Name Country of Representation
1 Dillon Jacqueline Australia
2 Baylacq Oceane France
3 Diribarne Francoise France
4 Lucas Oceane France
5 Peter Lou France
6 McQueen Jones Lucy Great Britain – UK
7 Schelhase Courtney South Africa
8 Moniz Saskia South Africa
9 Pienaar Sandra South Africa
10 Rossouw Heleen South Africa
11 Sasson Tracey South Africa
12 Strydom Nicole-Ann South Africa
13 Tolosa Ainhoa Spain
14 Palmer Shelly USA
15 Palmer Victoria USA

World Waveski Surfing Titles:  Adaptive Open

No. Surname Name Country of Representation
1 Perrier Eric France
2 Colin Guilaume France
3 O’Niel Eugene South Africa
4 Fuenzalida Eugenio Peru

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Cadet (U16)

World Waveski Surfing Cadet Champion: Kai Williams (SA)

1 Guzman Arturo Male Puerto Rico
2 Nettmann Noah Male South Africa
3 Strydom Nicole-Ann Female South Africa
4 Williams Trent Male South Africa

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Junior

World Waveski Surfing Titles Champion: Victor Bezard (USA)

Surname Name Gender Country of Representation
1 Medina-Moral Martin Male France
2 Montfort Enzo Male France
3 Keys Jethro Male South Africa
4 Moniz Saskia Female South Africa
5 Schelhase Courtney Female South Africa
6 Williams Kai Male South Africa
7 Bezard Victor Male USA

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Senior (21 – 34)

2022 World Senior Champion: Virgile Humbert (France)

Surname Name Gender Country of Representation
1 Ahumada Diego Male Chile
2 Fuenzalida Eugenio Male Chile
3 Arrouays Pablo Male France
4 Baylacq Oceane Female France
5 Djemili Fares Male France
6 Gaborit Maxime Male France
7 Guilbert Clément Male France
8 Humbert Virgile Male France
9 Iraundegui Florent Male France
10 Le Bars Nathan Male France
11 Le Bars Steeven Male France
12 Le Meil Noe Male France
13 Lucas Oceane Female France
14 Normant Yunes Male France
15 Peter Lou Female France
16 Seguin Arthur Male France
17 Eckhoff Max Male New Zealand
18 Baretto Fernando Male Peru
19 Baretto Guillermo Male Peru
20 Bense Dylan Male South Africa
21 Esterhuyse Marcus Male South Africa
22 Van Antwerpen Storm Male South Africa
23 Etzeberria Odei Male Spain

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Master (35 – 49)

2022 World Masters Champion: Tony Cherry (AUS)

Surname Name Gender Country of Representation
1 Randahl Dale Male Australia
2 Belmar Felipe Male Chile
3 Babarit Matthieu Male France
4 Colin Guilaume Male France
5 Philipot Yann Male France
6 Samson Cyril Male France
7 Holmes Shaun Male Great Britain – UK
8 McQueen Jones Lucy Female Great Britain – UK
9 McQueen Jones Sam Male Great Britain – UK
10 Orsmand Michael Male Great Britain – Wales
11 Taylor Mark Male Ireland
12 Parry Justin Male New Zealand
13 Legaspi Sebastian Male Peru
14 Lanot Mathieu Male Reunion Island
15 Burger Andre Male South Africa
16 Calitz Malan Male South Africa
17 Griffith Ryan Male South Africa
18 Momberg Johann Male South Africa
19 Reinhardt Timonthy Male South Africa
20 Rossouw Heleen Female South Africa
21 Schroeder Sheldon Male South Africa
22 Van Wyk Schalk Male South Africa
23 Viaene Bruce Male South Africa
24 Wessels Michael Male South Africa
25 Whitfield Kevin Male South Africa
26 Tolosa Ainhoa Female Spain
27 Lyons Thomas (TJ) Male USA

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Grand Master (50 – 59)

2022 World Waveski Surfing Grand Master Champion: Rees Duncan (AUS)

Surname Name Gender Country of Representation
1 Bason Darren Male Australia
2 Duncan Rees Male Australia
3 Kearns Darren Male Australia
4 Lancaster Graham Male Australia
5 McIntyre Darren Male Australia
6 Baylacq Didier Male France
7 Diribarne Francoise Female France
8 Lucas Gerard Male France
9 Perrier Eric Male France
10 Doezie Jon Male United States of America
11 Bartlet Craig Male South Africa
12 Brand Eghardt Male South Africa
13 Bunker Darren Male South Africa
14 DeVilliers Morne Male South Africa
15 Esterhuyse Dian Male South Africa
16 Ferreira Etienne Male South Africa
17 Kendrick Grant Male South Africa
18 McHattie Stuart Male South Africa
19 O’Niel Eugene Male South Africa
20 Pienaar Sandra Female South Africa
21 Redlinghuys Timonthy Male South Africa
22 Schelhase Pierre Male South Africa
23 Slabber Pierre Male South Africa
24 Steinhäuser Fritz Male South Africa
25 Steyn Francois Male South Africa
26 Taylor Rory Male South Africa
27 Waldron Scott Male South Africa
28 Palmer Victoria Female United States of America

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Legends (60 – 64)

2022 World Waveski Surfing Legends Champion: Shelly Palmer (USA)

Surname Name Gender Country of Representation
1 Huigsloot Bernard Male Australia
2 Nascimento Francisco Male Australia
3 Botha Louis Male South Africa
4 Oelofse Johan Male South Africa
5 Davies Kieron Male United Kingdom
6 Palmer Shelly Female USA

World Waveski Surfing Titles: Grand Legends (65+)

World Waveski Surfing Grand Legends Champion: Roger Adams (USA)

Surname Name Gender Country of Representation
1 Dillon Jacqueline Female Australia
2 Settree Malcom Male Australia
3 Inglis John Male Great Britain – Scotland
4 Ackerman Ronnie Male South Africa
5 Clements Kenneth Male South Africa
6 Dubber Anthony Male South Africa
7 Griffith Dave Male South Africa
8 Harrison John Male South Africa
9 Moodie Darryl Male South Africa
10 Pienaar Jeremy Male South Africa
11 Adams Roger Male USA
12 Diesel-Reynolds Stewart Male USA
13 Winterburn Gordan Male USA

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